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If you're as mad about mobiles as we are here at Fonebank, you'll know that being seen with an out-of-date handset is a serious faux pas! The average Brit will have their mobile phone for just 18 months before deciding they need to upgrade to the latest must-have model. This rapid turnaround of tech is great for the phone manufacturers, but not so great for your wallet!

So when the time comes to kiss your old mobile phone goodbye, why not join the thousands of people in the UK who are already trading in their old gadgets for cash through

Selling mobiles online with Fonebank is a fast and efficient way of turning your old mobiles into money. Simply search the model of the handset you want to sell to find out how much your phone is worth, pop the phone in the post using our prepaid envelope, and then all that's left to do is plan how you'll spend the money!
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Fonebank were one of the first mobile phone recycling companies to begin operating in the UK and currently recycle over 50,000 handsets a month. The Fonebank team are experts at making your old gadgets go further and have paid out over £50 million so far to individuals, businesses and charities looking to unlock the value in their old mobile phones.

Fonebank operate in over 8 countries worldwide and have an international reputation as a safe, efficient and fun way to get cash for old mobile phones.

Fonebank's standing in the mobile recycling industry has seen them work with companies such as Oxfam, LOCOG and the National Trust who have all entrusted Fonebank to recycle their old unwanted mobile technology.

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Let's face it, they don't make mobile phones like they used to, do they? Cracked screens; nasty looking dents or missing buttons, might leave you thinking your poor old device isn't worth a penny.

But Fonebank will pay you cash for broken phones too, so even if your old handset has been through the wars and is no longer working you can still sell your mobile phone through Fonebank.

Fonebank's policy of zero landfill ensures that even if a mobile phone is no longer serviceable, it will be broken down and recycled safely. 90% of the materials in old mobile phones, batteries and chargers can be reused to produce other important everyday products.

Mobile recycling is proof that these days, it really does pay to be green-fingered!
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So what happens to all the forgotten phones of yesteryear? Where do they all go and how are they put to use? Fonebank’s drive towards zero landfill ensures that as many of your handsets as possible will be reused.

After selling your old phone to Fonebank, your handset will be treated to a bit of a makeover before being found a new owner in developing nations across the globe. Fonebank aim to give as many of your old handsets as possible a new lease of life and in so doing, will be providing much-needed aid and infrastructure to poorer nations across Africa and Asia.
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