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Why Recycle Mobile Phones?

Firstly, by recycling mobile phones you will be potentially helping to prevent toxic materials found in mobile phones ending up in landfill and eventually seeping in to the water table. With many of the metals that go in to making a mobile phone becoming a scarce more expensive commodity recycling mobile phones is not only helping to prevent pollution but also means that valuable metals can be extracted and reused. Some mobile phones that are recycled through mobile phone trade in schemes, such as Fonebank, are still in fully working condition which means they can be sold on and reused. Click on Sell Mobile Phone now and find out how to sell your mobile phone for cash. If your mobile phones do not have a cash value, send them to us anyway and we will recycle your mobile phones for you. offers great prices for old and new mobile phones so click on Sell Mobile Phones now and find out how much your old mobile phones are worth. You may be surprised to discover that you can Sell your Mobile Phones to for much more than you thought.

It’s very easy, just find out how much your trade in mobile phones are worth by clicking on this link trade in mobile phones register your details on and then put your trade in mobile phones in an envelope and send it to us, we’ll do the rest.

If you want to sell your mobile phones and have 10 or more mobile phones to sell that have a value on please call 1-800 67 20 50 to arrange a free collection.

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